[pp.int.general] International Pirate Workshop in June

Florian Hufsky florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at
Tue Apr 17 18:53:33 CEST 2007

Hi guys & gals,

Austria is busy planning the international workshop in June; I  
currently need to set up a list of who might visit us in Austria so  
we're (hopefully) able to set up appropriate accommodation for our  

We've got conference rooms from 8th to 11th / maybe 12th of June.

So... what/where:

International Workshop
June 8th-11th
Vienna, Austria

What i need from you:

A list of how many people are interested in attending.

Plus I want to ensure that each pirate party got an invitation to  
this meeting. Does anyone have a list of official mail contacts to  
each party? (I guess not every party has someone signed up on this  
mailing list).


Piratenpartei Österreichs

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