[pp.int.general] International Pirate Workshop in June

Mirco da Silva inkorrupt at gmx.de
Sat Apr 21 11:19:55 CEST 2007

Hello Pirates,

not only as a publisher of an upcoming pirate news network it would be a
awesome pleasure to get pirates from everywhere over the seven seas to
vienna in june

1. Maybe it would be a nice idea to create an int. affairs fund for this
kind of needs and as I am the first to spread the word I promise you to
initiate a call for action within the first issue of our pirate mag
(release in may) to get it started here in germany and get some fresh
euros for the int. pirate developement.

2. For this it would be helpful to collect evaluated summaries of costs
by the (oversea) appliers for the need of transparency and the ability
to publish a "goal to reach" as a motivaton booster to the pirate
community. The deadline for the printed first issue of the mag is April,
25th 2007 09:00pm CET+2, so a first approximate estimate is surely
acceptable. One your marks , get set..

3. Please verify to get visa for germany, too. The bavarian pirates are
germanys "state of the art" hospitable pirate action group and the short
journey through the landscape between vienna and munich is a great
opportunity to test what "no speed limits on the motorway" can do with
your membrane (especially in rental cars). Be aware to have the border
to germany passed before start testing! ;-)

Please do not hesitate to contact me (german or english plz) directly
during the CET business hours:

fon: 00493513290883
mobile: 00491621860696
mail: inkorrupt at gmx.de
jabber: inkorrupt at jabber.org

Mirco da Silva

On Fr, 2007-04-20 at 12:38 +0200, Juxi Leitner wrote:
> If they have a Schengen visa it should be no problem to get to Austria
> (no need for another Visa)
> > If there are not funds availables for send a member
> > from Peru to Austria, we could talk with our two
> > members in France and send only one of them. But they
> > need a travel/housing grant because they are peruvian
> > students and their scholarships are very limited. The
> > peruvian students in france have Schengen visa and I
> > dont know if they need a visa to travel to Austria.
> >
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