[pp.int.general] Is anyone still active

Andrew Norton andrew.norton at pirate-party.us
Fri Aug 17 01:40:14 CEST 2007

It seems that where a month or two back, we were all full of fire and vinegar, things mostly seem to have quietened down. No-one's really talking to each other, and even your IRC channels seem pretty empty. No-one is talking, or communicating any more, and thats bad. We need to talk, to communicate, especially if things are going to work well in 09.

No one is perfect, but we are a group of like minded individuals, apread world-wide. We all have differing perspectives, and backgrounds, and i'm sure there's a decent overlap of ability, if not between us directly on the list, then between all those people we directly know. We have to talk, else we end up going nowhere, One boat with 5 sets of oars goes faster, further than 50 rowboats, and us each paddling ourselves along.

I wish I knew what half you lot were upto, what your status' are, or even the last big thing you're involved with. I'll also add this - if people need help with things, i'll do my best to help, within my abilities. Yet, it seems mostly that a cattle-prod up the backside is what's needed.

Andrew Norton
jabber - dmcawanted at gmail.com
IRC nick - K`Tetch

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