[pp.int.general] The 3 C's

Jan Huwald jh at sotun.de
Sun Dec 2 13:35:15 CET 2007

Thanks Andrew for kicking our butts ;-)

Am Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007 18:33:26 schrieb Andrew Norton:
> I'd like to propose then, a monthly
> meeting of representatives from each national party, online, in whatever
> medium is most acceptable (although it seems the options are limited to
> IRC, Skype, and maybe mumble). The aim is to keep everyone informed of
> whats going on, giving others ideas we can work on and adapt for ourselves.

What do you think of next sunday (9.12.) for a first meeting? I propose IRC 
and Skype simultaneous. Please send your thoughts about date and time.

Am Samstag, 1. Dezember 2007 20:15:53 schrieb Błażej Kaczorowski:
> You mean some International Chairman - Leader ... i think election of
> such person shoulbe be one of the points of Berlin meeting, what you
> think?

Currently I would prefer asecretary instead of a chairman. Unless we have a 
legal body, connected to the national parties a (legal) forespeaker has no 

At the moment the tasks would be primary firing up communication, coordinating 
meetings ando so ...

actually Andrew would get my vote if the secretaries election would be today.

German PP
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