[pp.int.general] State of the european website

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 21:41:19 CET 2007

2007/12/3, Helmut Pozimski <helmutpozimski at web.de>:

> We are a movement assembled from really different people and
> nations. Why shouldn't we show that?

Which is why I said "a common _base_", "a common _ground_". Very
different sites look great indeed, but this could just be an
opportunity for each national PP to visit others PPs' websites, rather
than staying narrow-minded in its single own country.

For example, I have visited the piratpartiet.se many times, but barely
know about the other websites: I hadn't seen the US page until this
very week! Not to mention Russia PP, Poland PP, etc.

This could just be a chance to present ourselves and get to know more
about each others: "hi, we're the German guys, we've chosen the orange
color because [...]; we'd like to propose [...] etc."

Another example: I absolutely don't know anything about the PP logo! Do you?
It's a P, it's a sail, and then what? What's its history? Who drew it?
why the circle? Do you like it in black and white? would colors be
welcome? would gradients be welcome? would any text be welcome (for
instance, we've put a white "fr" on it once, half of us liked it, the
other half hated it)? Why not gather all national modifications of
this logo on a same webpage, like

Just my 2 cents, of course.
Anyway, don't get me wrong: it's not about
standardization/formatting/denying specificities, it's about better
understanging and knowledge of these very specificities, for all of


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