[pp.int.general] congrats to PP-Hesse on running

Christof Leng cl at piratenpartei.de
Tue Dec 4 02:10:07 CET 2007

Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) wrote:
> Great! That means two PPs have real, actual and successful experience 
> in how to collect signatures. There are a lot of people here 
> scratching heads from what I've read...
If somebody needs hints I'm happy to share (of course ;-) ) our experience.
> It takes work, real work
Yes, it's cumbersome. And it is depressing most of the time, because 
you'll have the feeling you won't make it most of the time.
> and afk-type effort,
Definitely. I can tell you it's pretty cold out there standing in the 
pedestrian zone a whole afternoon. But you'll meet a lot of nice people.
> but it's doable. 
If you are well-prepared, have enough pirates to support you, and are 
willing to sustain the effort over many weeks. Without knowing the exact 
numbers I estimate that we had 20-50 active collectors and 3-4 months 
for around 1500 signatures (we needed 1000, but went for safety as a 
good portion of them were considered invalid by the authorities, e.g. 
signatory was not allowed to vote).

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