[pp.int.general] EuPP Website: collecting requirements

Jan Huwald jh at sotun.de
Mon Dec 3 22:42:37 CET 2007

In the currently active thread about the European website (thx for bringing it 
up, btw) the discussion somehow concentrates on the design. The (for me) more 
important question is what content to put on the site. I ask for 
brainstorming and discussion.

What I think the page should contain (sorted by how important compared to how 
hard to achieve):

1. Information about the status of the pirate party in each county
(I prefer a color coded map, details on hovering with the mouse and a link to 
the parties website if applicable)

2. Common press releases

2.b Our plans for EU election

3. Common stances of all european parties as well as differences (where 
(Getting them will be a tough point but is defenitely neccessary after the 
manifest process got stucked)

4. news about what is happening at the EU level (e.g. IPRED*) ... some rough 
links might be enough here; may be we can even cover this with the press 
releases section

5. News from each country
(they could even be aggregated automatically)

6. a How-to-start-your-own-party ... may be with 

We also have to think about the language dimension: some content (1, 2, 3) 
should be available in as many languages as possible. Some content (4, 6) 
should be available at least in english (the language most european citizens 
are able to read (i think)), some should be available in a local language but 
translations should be possible.

After all the visitor should not be bombed with 15 different languages but 
instead see only his native langauge and english articles per default (with 
the option to change this selection)

Once we know wich content should be put on the page, we have to think about 
how to organize and update it regulary. Clearly every nations pirate party 
needs at least one (better several) accounts, automatic aggregation has to be 
thought about as well as a translation system (here I suggest 
http://gnunet.org/i18nHTML/ or comparable).

A nice add-on would be the (some times discussed) media server, but we should 
focus on the website at the moment and care for it later.

Jan Huwald
German PP
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