[pp.int.general] EuPP Website: collecting requirements

Mårten Fjällström marten.fjallstrom at piratpartiet.se
Tue Dec 4 01:24:03 CET 2007

> 1. Information about the status of the pirate party in each county
> (I prefer a color coded map, details on hovering with the mouse and a  
> link to
> the parties website if applicable)
> 2. Common press releases
> 2.b Our plans for EU election
> 3. Common stances of all european parties as well as differences (where
> interesting)
> (Getting them will be a tough point but is defenitely neccessary after  
> the manifest process got stucked)
> 4. news about what is happening at the EU level (e.g. IPRED*) ... some  
> rough
> links might be enough here; may be we can even cover this with the press
> releases section
> 5. News from each country
> (they could even be aggregated automatically)
> 6. a How-to-start-your-own-party ... may be with
> wiki/easy-to-get-forum/whatever

Good list and good points to cover for a site. The question is if it is  
pirateparty.eu it should be on.

The reason I assumed pirateparty.eu was about the EU election (2b) is that  
I figured the goal for www.pp-international.net is to cover the rest  
(1-6). The sites should be linked together but unless there is some  
particular reason to keep it EU-centric (like the EP 2009 elections) I  
figured it is better to keep it on www.pp-international.net. Otherwise we  
risk splitting our energy and doubling our work.

Mårten Fjällström

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