[pp.int.general] Fwd: an international TOR-associations' network and other ideas (was: wireless Tor entry nodes (WOR´s)

Ricardo Cristof Remmert-Fontes ricardo.cristof at remmert-fontes.de
Thu Dec 6 14:26:27 CET 2007

Hi fellow pirates!

I suppose, this could be a nice international campaigning idea for  
us, too - actually, I have already talked about that to Jan Huwald,  
who is also on board.

The idea, in general, is, to set up a network of associations and  
supporters, who will setup and drive a huge TOR-infrastructure -  
maybe with additional i2p- or alike components.

It's subversive, but will bring a lot of publicity. And reliable and  
fast anonymization services to the masses.


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> Datum: 6. Dezember 2007 14:22:17 MEZ
> An: "Michael Schmidt" <schmidtm524 at googlemail.com>
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> Betreff: Re: an international TOR-associations' network and other  
> ideas (was: wireless Tor entry nodes (WOR´s)
> TOC:
> 1. Introduction; Sorry, I am late
> 2. Spreading TOR, parallel options
> 3. Liability, cooperations
> 4. Money
> 5.Let's work together!
> Hi folks!
> Below is a new input from Michael Schmidt - which I would take as a  
> new starting point for a discussion about where to go.
> 1. Introduction; Sorry, I am late:
> I am very sorry, that I didn't show up earlier again, but I had to  
> organize the large protests of 22.09. in Berlin (largest demo in  
> Germany about democracy for over 18 years!) and then a national  
> protesting campaign, where I coordinated the parallel protests in  
> over 43 cities throughout germany on 06.11. to stop data retention  
> - a lot of work, but a lot of fun...
> You may find more about me (in german) and my political engagements at
> http://cristof.remmert-fontes.de
> 2. Spreading TOR, parallel options
> However... I believe, we have to cooperate across political,  
> geographical and ideological borders and we have to run a  
> heterogene strategy.
> With the TOR-Campaign with the working title "Volksempfänger  
> 2.0" (mentioned by Michael), we had three goals:
> - setting up several huge TOR-Nodes
> - Develop and distribute easy-to-use one-click-install-software for  
> wlan/dsl-routers
> - produce pre-configured routers (optional, costs a lot of money)
> The problem at the last two goals is the question of liability.
> Our idea was to build a network of associations, which will get  
> legal "owner" of the routers, so the (technical owner has to become  
> member of those associations, the router will become property of  
> the associations. A little bit the "FON"-modell, but we are the  
> good guys... :-)
> This can be combined with the idea of Michael Schmidt, which I  
> believe is a pretty cool idea!
> 3. Liability, cooperations
> This to-be-build network of national associations, which should be  
> build on a national level with lawyer's and journalists's  
> associations as chair members, may also overtake (in legal terms)  
> the ownership of huge TOR-Nodes or set up new huge Nodes.
> In several european countries, unfortunately, the owner of the  
> router has to log traffic data as by the german adoption of the EC- 
> directive on data retention.
> But if some well-reputated organisatiosn are members and owner, we  
> may face less hard repression and may stand some precedence cases,  
> if we don't.
> In germany, the German Privacy Foundation (where I am founding  
> member and co-chairman) drives one TOR-Node ("awxcnx") and will  
> drive some more in the near future.
> An official press-release and presentation will follow next days.
> We are talking with other associations to maybe do right this:  
> setting up more TOR-Nodes and withstand legal repression.
> Actually, we cannot provide legal assistance to admins of tor nodes  
> other than our members - but: if we build up a network of  
> associations?
> We may develop and discuss this campaign at:
> http://wiki.freunde-der-freiheit.de/index.php/TOR-Campaign
> This is a wiki, so everyone can edit it - and we may change the  
> name, whjy not? ;-)
> I talked to Alex from Freifunk and asked him for help building a  
> prototype-software with an easy interface for dummies. The idea  
> was, to present this at the 24c3 - so, we have 3 weeks to go for  
> that :-)
> (ahem, sorry, Alex, that I didn't send you a message before... is  
> this goal possible? I would really )
> 4. Money
> Therefore, the most important issue is: money for running huge TOR- 
> Nodes.
> As I heard, there have been some communicational misunderstandings  
> (ehm... *g*) between those, who say, a community project must stay  
> non-commercial and those, who say, we need money and we may make  
> personal profit of it.
> Well... you may kick+ban me, but I believe: the commercial  
> developers of TOR need the creative input and support of the non- 
> commercial community _and_ the non-commercial community needs  
> reliable TOR-servers, which costs money.
> 5.Let's work together!
> And the public, the man-on-the-street, needs trustworthy, reliable  
> and fast TOR as the actual political agenda of data retention,  
> surveillance and intelligence endangers democratic participation  
> and though a stable and free society.
> So, I would kindly ask all of you to join forces, to cooperate and  
> work together. The community may develop and controll the  
> development, the commercial partners may sell services to the  
> economy and run a lot of stable and trustworthy hardware.
> What shall we do now? It's on you, I suppose... :-)
> Regards,
> Cristof
> Am 05.12.2007 um 20:47 schrieb Michael Schmidt:
>> one idea is, that tor is running on wireless routers with open Wlans,
>> which then are choosing an exit node in a foreign country.
>> This would lead to the approach, that in each city has an open  
>> wlan with a tor node, which reflects to another countries Tor IP.
>> There was the german initiative of making Routers to  
>> "Volksempfänger", maybe they should be called wireless "port- 
>> stations" or  "Wor"s - Wireless Onion Routers.
>> Would that be an idea for that network?

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