[pp.int.general] Conference Schedule

Florian Hufsky florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at
Sun May 13 20:36:27 CEST 2007

Hi pirates,

in Austria we're pretty busy planning the international conference.  
So far we've already got two interesting guests:

* Rasmus Fleischer - mastermind of http://piratbyran.org/ - watch ie  
+fleischer (there's a better video out there, but can't find it right  
* Eva Lichtenberger - member of the european parliament, sent by the  
Austrian greens. responsible for intellectual property (http:// 

I'd like to start setting up a schedule for the three days we have. A  
wikipage has been set up, but there's currently too little free time  
between planned workshops and we haven't settled on any topics yet.  

It would be cool if we could have a talk via IRC or Skype and work on  
something collaboratively.

Anyone got time or ideas?


Piratenpartei Österreichs

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