[pp.int.general] (formal) worldwide pirate comitte

Jan Huwald jh at sotun.de
Thu May 24 14:41:06 CEST 2007

Dear pirates,

we managed to establish the international communication. Not all pirate 
parties (and those to be founded) have ambassador on this mailinglist. Not 
everyone is publishing to the international wiki. But the common action of 
subscribing to the G8 declaration mentioned by Christoph indicated that our 
collaboration is a working one: the decision was fast and the doucment has 
been signed by many european pirate parties (Austria, Germany, Netherland, 
Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK).

But up to now this cooperation is only known to ourselves. The "international 
pirate movement" has neither a face nor an (official) forespeaker. It is my 
wish to change this. Therefore i'd like to establish a formal body 
encapsulating and representating our efforts. This can be done in several 
ways. Some thoughts I want to discuss with you:

1. set up formal embassadors
* properly elected (or determined) by the national pirate party, one per party
* presented with photo & tam-tam on PPI
* they should report about their countries' situation regulary

2. elect (a) forespeaker(s) for PPI
Not one to rule them all, instead one for the press to call

3. found/understand PPI as the "world pirate party"
* a place where to create contracts between pirate parties (e.g. manifest)
* a place where to tell about all common issues
* an organization with (legal) body to get fundings for congresses, refunding 
of pirate parties and buildung free, censor-resistant infrastructure (at 
least for pirates, better for mankind)
* find a way to make international decisions

4. Finish the pirate party manifest
* how to discuss? (this includes if we should vote about argued issues, how we 
vote if we do, if we want to allow only consens points, ...)
* timeframe for finishing
* should we combine the manifest with founding an international legal body?

I'd like to discuss these issues during the international congress in two 
weeks. With it's high legitimation (chairmans from sweden, austria, peru, 
germany) available we could also sign statutes for a meta-organisation - if 
we discuss them now!

Jan Huwald
Political secretray, german pirate party
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