[pp.int.general] (formal) worldwide pirate comitte

Florian Hufsky florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at
Thu May 24 17:13:59 CEST 2007

> * In the PPI forums [5], please change the text regarding our  
> contry forum
> from "A forming Pirate Party" to something
> like "http://www.partidopirata.es - to reach PP Spain" as we are  
> already a
> formal party.

did that.

> * Please try to integrate an RSS in the PPI forums, because it's a  
> nice way to
> follow easily them. We have already done this in our forums and I  
> like it a
> lot =)

i'd like to get rid of the forums completely. everything should be  
handled via the mailinglist + wiki. there's no traffic in the forum  
and it's a suboptimal mean to store results of discussions (-> use  
the wiki instead)

what do the other parties think?

Piratenpartei Österreichs

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