[pp.int.general] (formal) worldwide pirate comitte

Eduardo Robles Elvira edulix at gmail.com
Thu May 24 17:06:12 CEST 2007

Ahoy !!

We in the spanish pirate party are trying hard to sign the G8 declaration, but 
it's taken a bit long to review it apparently. Soon I hope we'll be there =)
El Jueves, 24 de Mayo de 2007, Jan Huwald escribió:

I like a lot the idea of an official body and the embassadors, and I have sent 
a translation to your email (and of some others too :-) to the spanish pirate 
party mailing list. We'll get soon also a list of the people who will attend 
to the congress in two weeks.

Ididn't know about the manfiesto! Tip: if we finally vote in the, we have 
a "large" experience in voting. We have tested different voting systems and 
finally we are set in the Borda count [1] which is cool and easier than STV, 
i.e. Single Transferable Vote.

By the way, these ar4e some things I want to fix in PPI:

* first, I cannot connect to irc.echel0n.net! :-( it says connected, waiting a 
response... and there it stops

* In Press [2], you can add "Spain: Partido Pirata       general and media: 
relacionespublicas at partidopirata.es"

* In the sidebar you have a Java IRC client for the chat. Many people (even 
myself) have big trouble with java plugins, I don't know why but you it's 
true hehe. I highly suggest you to try and test CGI:IRC [3], which gives the 
user a very goodhtml+javascript interface that works everywhere! Want to test 
it how good it works? enter the spanish irc channel [4]. If you need some 
help with it, I integrated it in our web and I also changed the list of 
default nicks so please just ask me and we'll work together.

* In the PPI forums [5], please change the text regarding our contry forum 
from "A forming Pirate Party" to something 
like "http://www.partidopirata.es - to reach PP Spain" as we are already a 
formal party.

* Please try to integrate an RSS in the PPI forums, because it's a nice way to 
follow easily them. We have already done this in our forums and I like it a 
lot =)

Ok I think that was enough :P Please if this was not the right place to ask 
for this, tell me! and someone will know where should I talk about these 

Thanks for your time,
           Eduardo Robles Elvira.
President of the Rights and Guarantees of the Spanish Pirate Party and also a 
webmaster of its webpage

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