[pp.int.general] (formal) worldwide pirate comitte

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Thu May 24 18:04:13 CEST 2007

2007/5/24, Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) <rick at piratpartiet.se>:
>  Replying briefly:
>  I agree that it would be great to finalize the Manifesto, which could be a
> baseline for future pirate parties. From what I've understood it's only
> minor details away from a total consensus in Vienna among the participants.
> The problem with voting on it would be -- who would have the right to vote,
> and who would not, and why? It's much more legitimate if the parties there
> form an alliance around it as a document, and use it as an inclusion
> mechanism for new parties going forward.

Can anybody post a link to the text of this Manifesto ?

Besides, as I already wrote it somewhere, we French guys may have an
opportunity to publish it...

>  That could also be one of the basis for "membership" in PPI. (Yikes, that
> sounded formal.) What I meant to say was more like... knowing who's part of
> the community, and who - for their own good reasons - choose to do
> otherwise.

What about this membership? Can members be individual persons or does
each PP have one single vote (both sound cool, maybe the second one
would be more convenient)?

>  I also agree totally with your vision of the PPI's role. It can't be "one
> to rule them all" -- in fact, our politics and platforms work the exact
> opposite way :-) so it'd have to be "one responsible for helping them all,
> getting the press in touch with the right people, and connecting pirates
> around the world". Just having a face for the movement, so to speak, without
> formal influence on the national parties.

If I might quote myself, this is exactly what I said to Juxi: I'm not
comfortable with world domination plans (though it is cool to think
big). So I guess the "Not one to rule them all, instead one for the
press to call" way pretty seems to be the right (and only possible)
here. We absolutely have to be sure that each one of us will keep his
own specifities, convictions, points of view and so on.


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