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Rick Falkvinge (Piratpartiet) rick at piratpartiet.se
Thu May 24 17:53:48 CEST 2007

Replying briefly:

I agree that it would be great to finalize the Manifesto, which could be
a baseline for future pirate parties. From what I've understood it's
only minor details away from a total consensus in Vienna among the
participants. The problem with voting on it would be -- who would have
the right to vote, and who would not, and why? It's much more legitimate
if the parties there form an alliance around it as a document, and use
it as an inclusion mechanism for new parties going forward.

That could also be one of the basis for "membership" in PPI. (Yikes,
that sounded formal.) What I meant to say was more like... knowing who's
part of the community, and who - for their own good reasons - choose to
do otherwise.

I also agree totally with your vision of the PPI's role. It can't be
"one to rule them all" -- in fact, our politics and platforms work the
exact opposite way :-) so it'd have to be "one responsible for helping
them all, getting the press in touch with the right people, and
connecting pirates around the world". Just having a face for the
movement, so to speak, without formal influence on the national parties.


On Thu, 2007-05-24 at 14:41 +0200, Jan Huwald wrote:

> Dear pirates,
> we managed to establish the international communication. Not all pirate 
> parties (and those to be founded) have ambassador on this mailinglist. Not 
> everyone is publishing to the international wiki. But the common action of 
> subscribing to the G8 declaration mentioned by Christoph indicated that our 
> collaboration is a working one: the decision was fast and the doucment has 
> been signed by many european pirate parties (Austria, Germany, Netherland, 
> Poland, Russia, Sweden, UK).
> But up to now this cooperation is only known to ourselves. The "international 
> pirate movement" has neither a face nor an (official) forespeaker. It is my 
> wish to change this. Therefore i'd like to establish a formal body 
> encapsulating and representating our efforts. This can be done in several 
> ways. Some thoughts I want to discuss with you:
> 1. set up formal embassadors
> * properly elected (or determined) by the national pirate party, one per party
> * presented with photo & tam-tam on PPI
> * they should report about their countries' situation regulary
> 2. elect (a) forespeaker(s) for PPI
> Not one to rule them all, instead one for the press to call
> 3. found/understand PPI as the "world pirate party"
> * a place where to create contracts between pirate parties (e.g. manifest)
> * a place where to tell about all common issues
> * an organization with (legal) body to get fundings for congresses, refunding 
> of pirate parties and buildung free, censor-resistant infrastructure (at 
> least for pirates, better for mankind)
> * find a way to make international decisions
> 4. Finish the pirate party manifest
> * how to discuss? (this includes if we should vote about argued issues, how we 
> vote if we do, if we want to allow only consens points, ...)
> * timeframe for finishing
> * should we combine the manifest with founding an international legal body?
> I'd like to discuss these issues during the international congress in two 
> weeks. With it's high legitimation (chairmans from sweden, austria, peru, 
> germany) available we could also sign statutes for a meta-organisation - if 
> we discuss them now!
> Regards,
> Jan Huwald
> Political secretray, german pirate party
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