[pp.int.general] Fwd: International Pirate Party meeting

Rickard Olsson rickard.olsson at piratpartiet.se
Thu May 24 20:36:09 CEST 2007

Valentin Villenave wrote:

> oh, and I just stole your favicon; hope you won't mind...

Copying is not stealing. ;-)

> We have chosen to base our portal on the Puntal CMS, which is rather new
> and still actively developed. The tricky part we're working on is the
> seamless integration of the Wiki/Blogs/Forum/E-Zines and so on (as far as
> I can see, you have decided to simply skip this part, and maybe it was
> relevant).

If you haven't sunk too much effort into Puntal, we have some Drupal 
resources here: http://www.piratpartiet.se/international/website_starter_kit

You may also want to look at CiviCRM (http://civicrm.org/), it's 
basically Drupal but adapted specifically for activism and advocacy. The 
reason we didn't use it for www.piratpartiet.se was because it was a few 
versions behind Drupal at the time.

> I'm not trying to say here that OpenSource Attitude (TM) is a property of
> the French PP, let's make it clear.

Trademarks are fine, just don't try to patent it. ;-)

/ Richie

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