[pp.int.general] Fwd: G8 Statement ratification

Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Sun May 27 21:51:10 CEST 2007


I represent the "Parti Pirate" (French International Pirate Party
branch), and would like to ratify your G8 statement about Intellectual
Property. All of us fully agree with (and endorse) its principles and

By the way, I wonder how exactly this text is licensed, as we are
translating it into French and might be planning to include it in some
of our upcoming publications.

Anyway, you can add us to the List of Signatories; our main website is
to be found at http://www.parti-pirate.info (I know, it's a bit messy
right now but we're working on it...)

Valentin Villenave for the Parti Pirate

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