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Florian Hufsky florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at
Wed May 30 15:52:43 CEST 2007

Hi Nikter & international Mailing list,

great to hear that there's a movement in Bulgaria too.

Even if you can't attend we'll probably have a VOIP session with  
people from peru & the usa. We'll inform you when exactly we'll have  
it, but it will probably somewhen on 9.6.


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Begin forwarded message:

> From: Nikter <nikter at mail.orbitel.bg>
> Date: May 30, 2007 3:26:53 PM GMT+02:00
> To: "Florian Hufsky" <florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at>
> Subject: Re: First international pirate conference - 8-10 June 2007
> Dear Mr. Florian Hufsky,
> Dear Pirates from all over the World,
> Dear participants in the First International Pirate Conference,
> Hello from Bulgaria!
> The idea of a Pirate organization has been haunting in the  
> Bulgarian society since 2004-2005, but we really started to  
> organize ourselves in March 2007, after the last police raids  
> against the bit-torrent community in Bulgaria.
> Many civil and commercial organizations for defending the interests  
> of the internet users have been founded till 2007, but none of them  
> is really Piratic, and none of them has the goal to change the  
> copyright system.
> Due to many reasons, mostly the adjustments of the Bulgarian  
> people, our Pirate Party – The Bulgarian Pirate Party has a name  
> that is more reliable for the society, i. e. Free Internet  
> Association – FIA (in Bulgarian the abbreviation is SSI).
> For the present we are registered as a civil movement, not a  
> political party and if we succeed to gather enough strength in the  
> course of time, we will re-register our organization as a political  
> party and will participate in the future ellections.
> At the present moment we are awaiting the approval of our  
> documentation by the Court, after which we will announce FIA  
> oficially, will send additional e-mails to all Pirate Parties and  
> will start to recruit members.
> Our web-forum is http://www.bgfreenet.org/ (Written only in cyrillic)
> Our web-site still in construction.
> As you probably may suppose, we have a very little funds for the  
> time being, and thus the conference in Vienna is a bit extra for  
> us, so we are sorry to inform you that we will not attend to it,  
> but I suppose that there will be another one, may be in 2008, at  
> which we will make everything possible to send at least three members.
> The situation with copyright in our country is the same as all over  
> the world. There are lobbies defending the copyright, there are  
> absurd legislation about many things in this matter, etc. The  
> Police is mostly executing orders coming from the above mentioned  
> lobbies.
> We’re planning to establish contacts with many Bulgarian ISPs,  
> student movements, Open-Source movements, etc.
> The public stance here is like a boiling copper, but everything is  
> still at the beginning.
> There is much to be done about education and informing the society  
> about the difference between the real pirates – who are selling CDs  
> and DVDs in one of the central squares in Sofia (the capital of  
> Bulgaria, and which are partially defended by the police  
> authorities, due to the corruption) and us – the noble pirates, who  
> defend the freedom of culture and information.
> Also we know that the Bulgarian Academy Of Science is showing  
> interest in us.
> So in short this is all about us for the moment.
> Please, do not hesitate to read this mail at the short presentation  
> on each pirateparty and to inform all other participants about us.
> We’ll keep you informed about everything.
> I’ve already signed up on the ppint mailinglist.
> We’ll update our links in Wiki when our documentation passes the  
> approval of the Court.
> Please, continue to maintain contact with us!  :)
> We wish success to the First International Pirate Conference, and  
> hope that you’ll inform us about everything in this matter and  
> we’ll be able to hear/see all the records from the conference.
> And as is written on our Pirate Flag:
> Best regards,
> From the administrative council of FIA
> bgpp at bgfreenet.org
> Marin Popovsky – chairman of FIA
> marin at mimar-bg.com
> Skype: marinpo_bg
> Nikolay Terziev – secretary of FIA
> nikter at mail.orbitel.bg
> ICQ: 213856120
> Skype: Nikter
> Dimitar Alexandrov
> dimoalex at hotmail.com
> Skype: shark_d
> ------------------------------------------------------
> On Thu, 24 May 2007 20:21:24 +0300, Florian Hufsky  
> <florian.hufsky at ppoe.or.at> wrote:
>> Dear participants of the first international pirate conference,
>> in about three weeks we'll have the first international pirate  
>> conference, hence I'm writing you this mail to assure how many  
>> participants we'll have and when they'll arrive.
>> Please note that I also included some people who aren't  
>> participating. This has two purposes: First I want to let you know  
>> that we haven't forgot you and show you how alive&kicking the  
>> pirate party movement is. And second I hope that maybe some of you  
>> change their minds after seeing what we're up to.
>> Please reply to this mail before June 1st, so we know for sure  
>> wether you participate. If you're unable to join us, we need to  
>> know too, so be sure to answer something.
>> Information we need from you
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> * date of arrival
>> * date of departure
>> * a little information about you
>>    * age
>>    * occupation
>>    * role in your pirate party (if applicable)
>> * any information you need from us? (eg: first meeting point in  
>> austria, wether we can pick you up from train/plane/...)
>> !!! Please reply before June 1st, so we have enough time to set  
>> things up.
>> Things you might find important
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> The austrian pirate party will provide *free accommodation* for  
>> all guests. You don't have to worry about expenses for that.
>> There'll be Video recordings of important happenings. If you want  
>> to be visible in one of the first  recordings of our young  
>> movement, you'd better be here ;)
>> Rasmus Fleischer, of http://piratbyran.org/ fame, will give a  
>> lecture in the austrian academy of fine arts on friday. This is a  
>> great opportunity to speak to one of the masterminds behind the  
>> whole copyleft movement.
>> Rickard Falkvinge, founder of the swedish pirate party, joins us.  
>> Without him, this whole venture would've never been possible.
>> Eva Lichtenberger, Member of the European Parliament, will give a  
>> roundup about Digital Rights in Europea on Sunday afternoon and  
>> will join us for a panel discussion on Sunday evening.
>> An important thing: the mailinglist
>> ----------------------------------------------------
>> Last thing; If you haven't done so yet and are a pirate party  
>> official or interested in international pirate party affairs,  
>> please sign up on the ppint mailinglist.
>> If you're a pirate party official, then this is crucial. Almost  
>> *all international communications* now run via the mailinglist.
>> More information on that can be found here: http://wiki.pp- 
>> international.net/Mailinglist
>> A short presentation on each pirateparty
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>> It woul be great if one member of each pirate party could prepare  
>> a talk of about five-ten minutes on your pirateparty and/or the  
>> situation in your country. (is it already founded? how's copyright  
>> in your country? public stance? why do you want to found a  
>> pirateparty? ...)
>> More about the conference
>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>> The international conference has two distinct, albeit interesting  
>> tracks.
>> First the "pirate summit" - where the international pirate parties  
>> connect and network and a series of workshops and get-togethers.  
>> Pirates from all over the world are joining us to mark the birth  
>> of the pirate movement on an international scale.
>> And second "Next step politics - pirates to brussel in 2009?!",  
>> where we have a series of lectures and discussion panels on topics  
>> surrounding the pirate movement.  Among the speakers are unique  
>> persons, such as Rasmus Fleischer (piratbyran), Eva Lichtenberger  
>> (MEP), Rickard Falkvinge (founder of the Swedish Pirateparty),  
>> Christian Engström (FFII) and many more.
>> Additional information on the conference can be found here: http:// 
>> wiki.pp-international.net/International_Conference_2007
>> I'd like to thank Andreas Leo Findeisen, of http:// 
>> transformingfreedom.org/ & http://www.akbild.ac.at/ fame, for  
>> making all of this possible.
>> I'm looking forward to meeting you in June. This is a remarkable  
>> point in history.
>> Best regards,
>> Florian Hufsky
>> Piratenpartei Österreichs
>> http://ppoe.or.at

Piratenpartei Österreichs

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