[pp.int.general] Next European meeting in germany

Jens Seipenbusch seipenbusch at web.de
Tue Nov 13 15:23:35 CET 2007

Dear pirates,

in Vienna we decided to meet end of this year in germany in order to
stay in a roughly 6-monthly periodicity for the meetings on our way to
eruopean parliament.
We want to settle a date for this meeting now, but we propose to not
meet in december this year, but one month later so we have enough time
for preparation.
So we want to offer the following 3 weekends in order to make a fast
decision here on the list, so that the most people are able to attend
this meeting:
We could meet either on
19./20. 2008
or on 26./27.2008
or on 2./3.2.2008
in Berlin.

Everybody with an idea where an how to raise funds for this meeting is
welcome to contact me.
Wiki-page with infos will follow asap.

regards and plz send your preferences as reply on the list,
Jens Seipenbusch

Jens Seipenbusch
Piratenpartei Deutschland

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