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Valentin Villenave v.villenave at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 22:37:59 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

Hello Rick, Andrew, Juxi and Helmut (I'm CCing you this mail because
you're the foreign pirate guys I know the best).

Today the Parti Pirate has encountered a major issue, which may
prevent us from continuing with you guys.

Like yours, our (short) history is full of unexpected resignations,
drastic leadership changes, and sometimes internal dissensions.

A few months ago, we've been through a pretty hard time, when one of
the Parti Pirate founders, Cyril Dupuis aka Xyleborus, has resigned,
ranting against our (so-called) lack of concrete actions and

Since it was not the first time that he made such a theatrical
gesture, we begged him -- as always -- to stay, and as he stopped
answering our mails, we just kept up, waiting for him to cange his
mind and come back among us -- where he was, and could still be, much

But in the meantime, we had to go on, particularly with all the
critical legal stuff that's happening in France and everywhere in the
"civilized world". You still can see our (modest) progression on

Today, we had a very, /very/ bad surprise: although Xyleborus, as I've
just told you, hadn't answered any of our mails for several weeks, he
seems to have suddenly remembered... the parti-pirate.org domain name
was *his* property.

Without letting any one of us know about his plans and intentions, he
just opened a whole new website, which you can see at the address that
was still ours an hour ago: parti-pirate.org

This site, no need to say it, has absolutely /nothing/ to do with
anyone of us, excepted our former member Xyleborus. He has copied and
set up an old SQL database of our old forum (which has been deprecated
for almost a year), and simply started something completely new --
which is perfectly fine to us; we just wish he had offered us some
kind of possibility to coexist with him... :(

As Floyd already told you, we have absolutely no idea how to handle
this situation. Plus, Xyleborus has contacted a lot of friendly
websites, online newspapers, web-magazines, forums etc, to present
himself as the /only/ "real" Parti Pirate.

Only one thing has to be clear: we have nothing wrong with Xyleborus
and his own "pirate" expectations. Our movement, here in France, needs
a lot of work to get bigger, more organized and more efficient -- and
first of all, more stable! If Xyleborus can manage all that with a
team of his own, so be it (though I have the strange feeling that hi
team is only 1-person for now...), and we would even be glad to be
part of it!

We have nothing against "piracy", and opensource-like "forking". But
his disengagement, the unrespecftul way he has acted today, and the
total absence of communication with us is nowhere nearly the values we
aim to endorse.

We are currently trying to contact him -- without success so far --
and to find a new domain name. But I beg you guys to try to find out
what's going on, and to take some kind of a decision: either recognize
both of us Partis Pirates as valuable movements, either stand by our
side or his, but we could really, really use some help and some
clarification here.

Sorry for this long, long mail. I'm a little upset, but over all, flabergasted.

Thank you for reading.

Best Regards,

Valentin for the (former?) Parti Pirate

2007/11/22, Florian Lauté <godfloyd at gmail.com>:
> Hello everybody,
> today, in france with have a real problem with our url parti-pirate.org
> this url is own by one of our old member. But he decided to quit us on july
> of this year.
> Today, this url point to parti-pirate.fr and not to
> wich is the good one.
> We don't know what to do.
>  Does someone have a solution ?
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