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Helmut Pozimski helmutpozimski at web.de
Thu Nov 22 23:11:17 CET 2007

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Valentin Villenave schrieb:
> Hi everybody,
> Hello Rick, Andrew, Juxi and Helmut (I'm CCing you this mail
> because you're the foreign pirate guys I know the best).
> Today the Parti Pirate has encountered a major issue, which may
> prevent us from continuing with you guys.
> Like yours, our (short) history is full of unexpected resignations,
>  drastic leadership changes, and sometimes internal dissensions.
> [..] team of his own, so be it (though I have the strange feeling
> that hi team is only 1-person for now...), and we would even be
> glad to be part of it!
> We have nothing against "piracy", and opensource-like "forking".
> But his disengagement, the unrespecftul way he has acted today, and
> the total absence of communication with us is nowhere nearly the
> values we aim to endorse.
> We are currently trying to contact him -- without success so far --
>  and to find a new domain name. But I beg you guys to try to find
> out what's going on, and to take some kind of a decision: either
> recognize both of us Partis Pirates as valuable movements, either
> stand by our side or his, but we could really, really use some help
> and some clarification here.
> Sorry for this long, long mail. I'm a little upset, but over all,
> flabergasted.
> Thank you for reading.
> Best Regards,
> Valentin for the (former?) Parti Pirate
That's even worse than I imagined. I will do everything I can to
clarify the situation as soon as possible. I removed the
pirate-party.org domain from the wikis and replaced it with "unclear"
and forwarded your mail to our most frequented mailing lists. I will
also try to contact him but when he's not responding to you it's not
more likely that he will respond to my messages.

Beyond that I would rather wait a while how the situation develops. I
don't think we should act overhasty by taking sides now or accepting
both without having spoken to both sites.

Helmut aka Hoshpak
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