[pp.int.general] invitiation to Berlin on 26./27.1

Jens Seipenbusch pxkqq6z9-ppdml at yahoo.de
Thu Nov 29 15:59:35 CET 2007

Dear Pirates,

I'm happy to announce the second international meeting of the pirate
parties now for the 26./27.1.2008 !
Although our voting proposal on
didnt result in the perfect choice for everyone, we hope for your
understanding that we chose the date, that seems most suitable and was
preferred by the most people.
We hope that the countries which disagreed with that date will find a
representative, that is able to attend the meeting.
Most of the organizing will be published on the mentioned Wiki-Page. On
the same weekend the election takes place, where our regional chapter of
Hesse runs for!
Nevertheless we hope to stem both the election campaign and the Conference.

Please direct your questions regarding the conference to Jan Huwald or

best regards,
Jens Seipenbusch
Piratenpartei Deutschland

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