[pp.int.general] invitiation to Berlin on 26./27.1

Błażej Kaczorowski blazej.kaczorowski at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 19:54:17 CET 2007


That's so great news ... I will be 100% - probably with 1 to 3 other
PP members form Poland so count me in! Is there any agenda ready? With
whom I need to contact about sleeping place? Can i attend in friday -
will u take care of me? ;)

Błażej Kaczorowski
Partia Piratów

2007/11/29, Jens Seipenbusch <pxkqq6z9-ppdml at yahoo.de>:
> Dear Pirates,
> I'm happy to announce the second international meeting of the pirate
> parties now for the 26./27.1.2008 !
> Although our voting proposal on
> http://int.piratenpartei.de/International_Conference_1/2008
> didnt result in the perfect choice for everyone, we hope for your
> understanding that we chose the date, that seems most suitable and was
> preferred by the most people.
> We hope that the countries which disagreed with that date will find a
> representative, that is able to attend the meeting.
> Most of the organizing will be publised on the mentioned Wiki-Page. On
> the same weekend the election takes place, where our regional chapter of
> Hesse runs for!
> Nevertheless we hope to stem both the election campaign and the Conference.
> Please direct your questions regarding the conference to Jan Huwald or
> myself.
> best regards,
> Jens
> --
> Jens Seipenbusch
> chariman
> Piratenpartei Deutschland
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