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2007/9/2, Amelia Andersdotter <teirdes at gmail.com>:
> "Dr B is alleged to have used, in his academic publications, "phrases
> and key words" also used by a militant group, among them "inequality"
> and "gentrification"."

o_O! Tell me this isn't true...

> "The police found it suspicious that meetings occurred with German
> activists in which the sociologists did not bring their mobile phones;
> the police deemed this a sign of "conspiratorial behaviour"."

O_O!!!  This is unbelievable! Is this true? I just can't believe that a man
is being monitorized for using "key words" and for his audience not using
mobile phones. Is this really happening?

"Inequality", a "key word" used by militant groups? And I thought it was a
pretty common word in anything related to politics and sociology... This is
bizarre, insane, esperpentico, and I'd have to look at the thesaurus to find
adjectives enough to describe this nonsense...

> "He's not actually accused of writing anything inflammatory, but seen
> rather to be intellectually capable of "authoring the sophisticated
> texts" a militant group might require;

O_O!!!!!!!!!!!!   I would comment on the stupidity and senselessness of it
but it is so amazingly beyond logic that I can't find the words!!!  I
mean... "seen rather to be intellectually capable of authoring (...)texts a
militant group might require"??? Pardon me, but isn't anyone with a brain
and a proper vocabulary just as intellectually capable of authoring texts
(sophisticated or not) that a militant group might require? Exactly how many
thousands or millions of citizens are "intellectually capable of authoring
texts" in countries that try to reach for 100% literate population? I just
can't start pointing out how awfully insane this sounds... If "intellectually
capable of authoring texts" makes you a suspect... How many suspects are
there in Germany?

Now that I think of it... It sounds all too idiotic and nonsensical, unless
you want to monitorize "intellectually capable" people, specially the ones
who can author "sophisticated texts"... all those clever scholars and their
smartass university students, always trying to change the world... If seen
from a certain, twisted point of view, it could have some logic, but I'd
rather believe the stupidity than the second, darker option.

> further, our scholar, "as
> employee in a research institute has access to libraries which he can
> use inconspicuously in order to do the research necessary to the
> drafting of texts" of militant groups, though he hasn't writtten any."

A scholar in a reserarch institute with access to libraries! The depravity!
The possibility of a scholar using those libraries! The possibility of him
drafting texts! The nerve!  What's the solution? Closing research
institutes? Research institutes without employees? Or without libraries?

I have to stop trying. I want to make this all sound nonsensical and stupid,
but I just can't surpass the reality written on the text: no pun that I can
invent will show those words as more ridiculous than they seem on their own.

129a in German law is equivalent to
> the Patriot Act or Danish anti-terror legislation,

I'll look for that law, hope I can find it in English. If this is the law
under which this brainkiller stuff has been done, I have to look at it.

To keep it short: stay stupid and always bring your mobile. How to
> remember the second part while keeping up the facade of the first I do
> not know, but there will be a way.

You just mentioned the interesting part: stay stupid... Maybe it's not that
nonsensical after all... You know, it's always a danger that people start
thinking, them being intellectually capable, the bastards, and authoring
texts that other may people may even read and start to think and stuff. We
could risk those intellectuals teaching others, and then more people would
be intellectually capable, and that would be so wrong.

I just thought that the worst part was when France forbad P2P. But it's the
tip of the iceberg, it seems...

Thanks for posting it,

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