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Błażej Kaczorowski blazej.kaczorowski at gmail.com
Sat Sep 29 17:24:25 CEST 2007

We couldnt start alone, becouse we are not yet registerd, but we send
bunch of questions to political parties about copyeright law, patents
and surveillance in informacional age - we are waiting for answers now

I personaly had offer from socialist party for starting from their
list but i have to end my collage and i am getting married soon so i
dont have a time for election camapain also my view for economy is
more liberalar than social so it woild be also strange to start from
socialist parrty list - therefore it would be only a try becouse they
dont have real chances for  reaching 5% level of geting to parlament
becouse thay have like %% level).

PS. most certain is that we will rgister as political party in week -
new webpage is nearly ended (the only reason we are waiting).


2007/9/28, Jens Seipenbusch <seipenbusch at web.de>:
> Hi all,
> when reading the newspaper today, there were two articles with reference
> to Poland.
> The first was about the EU declaring the 10th of October to 'Day against
> death penalty', which the polish government tried to prevent because of
> Kaczynski.
> The second one was about the coming elections in Poland, where the
> participating parties were mentioned.
> So i thought, 'why not make a press-release in each country, where we
> say e.g.: we _are_ against the death penalty and we think that Poland
> needs new good politics, say the Polish Pirate-Party!'. Similar to that
> we could more often cross-promote our parties respectively. (e.g. we
> informed some Spanish people on the demonstration in Berlin about the
> Pirate-Parties and that there is one on Spain, too!) (some nice pics
> here:
> http://einmachglas.wordpress.com/2007/09/24/demo-freie-schone-bilder-und-berichte/)
> With regards to the second article: had you tried to participate in the
> coming elections, or was it too close?
> regards,
> Jens
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