[pp.int.general] Cross-promoting each other - Poland

Jens Seipenbusch seipenbusch at web.de
Fri Sep 28 19:55:46 CEST 2007

Hi all,

when reading the newspaper today, there were two articles with reference
to Poland.
The first was about the EU declaring the 10th of October to 'Day against
death penalty', which the polish government tried to prevent because of 
The second one was about the coming elections in Poland, where the
participating parties were mentioned.

So i thought, 'why not make a press-release in each country, where we
say e.g.: we _are_ against the death penalty and we think that Poland
needs new good politics, say the Polish Pirate-Party!'. Similar to that
we could more often cross-promote our parties respectively. (e.g. we
informed some Spanish people on the demonstration in Berlin about the
Pirate-Parties and that there is one on Spain, too!) (some nice pics

With regards to the second article: had you tried to participate in the
coming elections, or was it too close?

Jens Seipenbusch
Piratenpartei Deutschland /Germany

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