[pp.int.general] Levies Questionnaire: last chance for the parties to sign up.

Ole Husgaard osh at procard.dk
Thu Apr 17 01:45:24 CEST 2008

We got a lot of work done tonight with the reply to the levies 
consultation, reaching consus. while we are not yet completely done, we 
think that the basic structure and meaning of the document is the same 
as the final version will be.

We will meet in the #ppi channel of irc.piratpartiet.se tomorrow (I'll 
be there from 8pm CEST) to make the last edits, and I would like 
everybody interested to join.

Last chance for sending a reply is tomorrow.

Please look at the document 
(http://int.piratenpartei.de/Levies_Questionnaire), and indicate if your 
national party can endorse it - even if small edits still need to be 
done. Or even better - join us tomorrow night.

If we have no indication that you are endorsing the document, we cannot 
put your party on the list of parties sending this reply, so please react.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

Andrew Norton wrote:
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> we're working it through on the ppi IRC channel and this line either
> needs clarification, or it's removed - it looks like a note put there,
> but was never expanded,
>  Netherlands: new tariffs from 17/2/2008, valid until 1/1/2009, not sure
> what the regulation was before.
> It was part of question 4. If you made the note and wish to expand,
> either Im me, or jump into the channel (server irc.piratpartiet.se) and
> let us know
> Andrew (K`Tetch)
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