[pp.int.general] Manifesto: PIRATA's layers of abstraction

Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Thu Apr 17 02:49:26 CEST 2008

Actually, I have only Swedish, German, Austrian and Spanish stances.

Well, if Polish, French, Russian, Chilean, American and the rest are not going to give a overall, brief picture of their core & non core issues -and how to manage non core issues- ... it's pretty simple, take Austrian one as an example:

> I'll make it short and give you the keywords.
> + transparancy in administration
> + privacy
> - DRM, copy protection
> + free Media, net neutrality
> + free Software in education and administration
> + reform of the patent system
> + allow private file sharing
> + knowledge financed by the public should belong to the public domain
> ..and we want to ask our members for everything else.

we'll have to start composing the first drawings of the First Draft according to those four pictures. Of course you'll be welcomed to join during the first stage, and also to propose amendments in the second stage; however, it would be preferable to have as many pirate parties cooperating in the first stage as possible, because the more parties participating, the more consenssus we'd reach, the less amendments would be needed in the second stage.

On Friday we'll have finished the Levies Consultation issue; if from now until then -until next saturday- no more stances are shown, we'll start working with the current four -swedish, german, austrian & spanish-. In spite of what Rolling Stones sang, time is not on our side when talking about Pirate Manifesto, if we want to have it ready to be signed in Uppsala. Regards,


P.S.: What's going on about my request for a new swedish representative?

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