[pp.int.general] Lissabon Treaty: very bad news

Arend Lammertink lamare at tuks.nl
Wed Apr 23 19:07:01 CEST 2008

Reinier Bakels schreef:

> The Council/Parliament dichotomy was modelled after the German 
> Bundestag/Bundesrat scheme, and there it is an effective checks and balances 
> machine. Actually it works wo well, that people started complaining that the 
> decision making process stalled, in particular in the Schröder era. But the 
> German system is designed not to make hasty decisions ... for historic 
> reasons.

Since you started the subject: we should get rid of this treaty for 
exactly the same historic reasons:


'' Veterans of Foreign Wars commander James E. Van Zandt. "Less than two 
months" after General Butler warned him, he said "he had been approached 
by 'agents of Wall Street' to lead a Fascist dictatorship in the United 
States under the guise of a 'Veterans Organization.' " ''


Prof. Antony Sutton, Hoover Institute, Stanford University:

"Since the early 1920s unsubstantiated reports have circulated to the 
effect that not only German industrialists, but also Wall Street 
financiers, had some role — possibly a substantial role — in the rise of 
Hitler and Naziism. This book presents previously unpublished evidence, 
a great deal from files of the Nuremburg Military Tribunals, to support 
this hypothesis. However, the full impact and suggestiveness of the 
evidence cannot be found from reading this volume alone. Two previous 
books in this series, Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution1  and 
Wall Street and FDR,2  described the roles of the same firms, and often 
the same individuals and their fellow directors, hard at work 
*manipulating and assisting* the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917, 
*backing Franklin D. Roosevelt for President* in the United States in 
1933, as well as *aiding the rise of Hitler* in pre-war Germany. in 
brief, this book is part of a more extensive study of the rise of modern 
socialism and the corporate socialists."

-- Arend --

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