[pp.int.general] Helsinki Conference: Scheduled tasks?

Anton Tamminen anton.tamminen at piraattipuolue.fi
Wed Dec 3 17:16:48 CET 2008

Carlos Ayala wrote:<!-- DIV {margin:0px;} -->
> By the way, I bought flying tickets to Helsinki (now I must also buy 
> new winter clothes; remember, I'm from Spain xD)

It obviously depends on your notion of "cold", but I wouldn't recommend 
buying anything before we know there'll be a proper winter or not. It's 
currently a rainy +6 °C here and at least the last two winters in 
Helsinki have been so mild the "winter" has just been a very dark 
extension of autumn that abruptly turns into spring once or twice in the 
midst of winter. I do hope we get some snow though, as it reflects the 
little sunlight we get in wintertime, lighting things up a bit.

I can assure you it's highly improbable you'll be facing -20 °C here. On 
the other hand you will face heavy darkness - right now the sun rises at 
09:01 and sets at 15:19.

Though, perhaps I am underestimating your reaction to cold - we Finns 
are indeed known for walking around in T-shirts when southerners start 
to wear jackets ;)

Anton Tamminen
International Secretary, Member of the Board
Piraattipuolue - The Pirate Party, Finland

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