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On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 1:11 PM, Andrew Norton <
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> Anton Tamminen wrote:
>> Glenn Kerbein wrote:
>>> California will be a tough cookie to crack for many reasons. Namely, the
>>> Secretary of State for California states that a party must collect at
>>> least 5,000 votes, being that it is such a large state.
>> To engage myself in the age-old Finnish tradition of competing in degrees
>> of misery, I shall mention that we in Finland also need to collect 5000
>> signatures. Californias population is approx 36.5 million. Finland's is 5.3,
>> with people scattered around an area more than twice the size of California
>> :)
> nope, he said VOTES.
> to start the state party, the numbers are based on the number of votes cast
> in the last governors election.
> 1% of that amount, if people give a statement of support ("I support this
> party, and will possibly vote for them" sort of thing) OR
> 10% of the total, if people sign a petition ("I think it would be a good
> idea to have this party on the ballot" sort of thing)
> 8.8Million voted at the last one I checked (but that was before the last
> set of elections, so there might be a new number) which means 88,000
> statements, or 880,000 signatures. neither of which are easy.
> Of course, if I'm wrong, expect to see an email from Glenn correcting me.
> Andrew
>> Regards,
Iowa also requires 5500 votes, unless I misunderstand the law as it is
(I did the research for the wiki page, copied directly from a document by
the state.)
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