[pp.int.general] PPI platform for EU Election 2009

Carlos Ayala Vargas aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Wed Dec 31 15:42:52 CET 2008

Reinier Bakels wrote:
>> So, considering our core issues (Civil Rights and Liberties, 
>> Restrictions of Ideas and Information, Information Society, and 
>> Government Accountability and Transparency), do you suggest that we 
>> only focus on the /c word/ thing? What would you do, then, with the 
>> rest of core issues?
> The answer is already in the above text: I suggest to focus on 
> concrete, topical issues, such as the FRA law in Sweden. This is more 
> likely to be effective than a debate on abstract themes such as "civil 
> liberties".
It has nothing of /abstract/, it violates privacy. And privacy is within 
civil rights & liberties -within the most essential ones-.
> Besides, I wonder whether "government transparancy" really is a PP 
> core issue.

I don't wonder, as representatives from most pirate parties met during 
weeks and agreed that it should be one of the core issues; even, PIRATA 
doesn't have it as core issue, though we are working to propose it as 
candidate new issue -many consulted PIRATA members agree on it; though 
it doesn't guarantee it being included, the rest didn't reject it when 
included in the Pirate Manifesto drafts, so it's likely to be included 
> This is quite a separate, complicated theme. And it is more national 
> than the typical information freedom issues.
It is not just national, if pirate parties agree on it not being just 
national. And as you can see, it is not between the conflictive issues 
enlisted by representatives of pirate parties concerning Pirate Manifesto.
> That is what "real" politicians often do.
While we can learn quite much from traditional politicians -e.g., the 
Obama campaign web site is excellent, in my viewpoint-, *we are not 
traditional politicians and, if I am not wrong, we don't want to be* -I 
think we want to be a fresh, new, better kind of politicians-. So, we 
may make some things in a simmilar manner than traditional politicians, 
while we'll make many (even most?) in a quite different style.
> For instance, in the debate on IPRED1/2 former EU Commissioner 
> Frattini talked about child labour and health risks from counterfeit 
> medicines. Of course these examples are tendentious [...]
As I said in former mails, I think that to counter fallacies, to 
publicly deny lies, etc, is essential. I believe that fallacies from 
traditional politicians shouldn't prevent us to propose issues, but 
encourage us more than ever to propose them

Carlos Ayala
( Aiarakoa )

Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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