[pp.int.general] PPI platform for EU Election 2009

Carlos Ayala Vargas aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Wed Dec 31 16:18:31 CET 2008

Per von Zweigbergk wrote:
> I don't think that PP International can make the decision better than 
> PP Sweden, for example, about which concrete issues to campaign about 
> on a national campaign level. While PPI might be useful to develop a 
> common campaign strategy, campaign tactics should be left squarely in 
> the hand of national pirate parties.
> The domain of PP International should be focusing on purely on 
> international issues -- and specifically for pirate parties in EU 
> countries, on EU issues.
> As such a joint PPI platform for EU should not focus overly on 
> national issues like FRA and what's happening with ISP:s in the 
> Netherlands, but on EU issues.
> For example, our #1 candidate for Europarl from PPSE, Christan 
> Engström, has talked about promoting more power to parliament, and the 
> PPSE opposition to the Lisbon treaty. This is the type of issues that 
> need to be discussed in PPI for a joint EU election platform.
Of course, issues for a EU platform should be international issues 
-though most of times EU issues transcend via directives to Member 
States-. The thing is that, to decide which issues would they be, the 
vision of the pirate parties ideologies at a glance helps a lot. Regards,

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