[pp.int.general] Political Party X (was: Uppsala Declaration)

Max Lalouschek | Piratenpartei Österreichs max.lalouschek at ppoe.or.at
Tue Jul 1 02:46:33 CEST 2008

Greetings from one of the Austrian delegation.

There have been so many mails written, that it's impossible for me to 
react on all of them.

But I feel that I have to clear some things up:

As Pirate Parties are preparing for European Parliament Elections and 
time is running out right now, there finally had to be a starting point 
somewhere. I would say that there is plenty of time for creating a 
Manifesto and it should NEVER be mixed up with a Pirate's Manifest. The 
text presented here is a common agreement draft for the upcoming election.

Also, it makes no sense blaming Sweden, especially Marten. Actually if 
I've had access to my mail account, I would have sent that "declaration" 
to the int. mailing list, as I was the last one putting all results from 
the discussion groups together. So, anybody who blames Marten might as 
well blame me.

However, that already explains how the text has been made. By discussion 
groups, made out of 6 different countries. The issues-group didn't even 
find much to agree on the first day, so we re-discussed the major issues 
on the next and final day.

We tried to be as general as possible, as well as making compromises. I 
guess we all tried to be realistic. It was clear, that in this short 
time, there wouldn't be a possibility to create a perfect text but 
rather a draft. BUT at least something wich finally showed SOME KIND of 
common agreement of many European pirate parties, regarding the upcoming 
European Parliament elections 2009.

I thought that there would be disagreement, but that's the nature of 
such texts. Actually I would have wondered if, especially those 
countries which didn't attend would have fully agreed.

However, as Amelia wrote, mailing lists are not suited for such 
complicated discussions. I think a forum might be better suited.

Again, I emphasise to NOT mix up this text with the Manifesto attempt. 
As far as I see these two things are completely different, the elections 
are already next year and there is hardly any time to have at least some 
kind of common agreement, while there is plenty of time for creating the 
manifest, which will take much longer to create.


Max (and Bella)

Carlos Ayala schrieb:
> ----- Mensaje original ----
> De: Eduardo Robles Elvira <edulix at gmail.com>
> Enviado: lunes, 30 de junio, 2008 14:01:15
> > I think we should try again to develop the manifiesto to create a 
> common ground. And this time I hope at least one
> > representative from each party can take the job seriously so that 
> the maifiesto becomes reality. I think this declaration
> > wouldn't have been needed by anyone if we already had a manifiesto, 
> so we better start working on it so that next time
> > this doesn't happen again =)
> I do agree with that
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