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> I have written this before, but again:  if you are participating as, say, a speaker, it will probably, plausibly be a high
> priority to subsidize journeys as well as accomodation and food.

Don't know yet if any PIRATA representative is goint to attend the ESF; the only thing I know is that won't be me -I have to save money for some personal issues (even if you subsidize, there will be some costs), and also for that amusing December's trip to Saint Petersburg (the 4th PPI Convention)-. Also, we have some PIRATA possible compromises for September that I'll probably must attend.

About the rest of your mail, as you talked about PPI -not individuals, but PPI, you were crystal clear in your last mail-, dissents from ESF participants shared by pirate parties, co-operation between ESF participants and PPI, etc, I repeat the question: who is pretending to attend the ESF representing PPI, and which agenda is pretending to defend in the name of PPI? Because if it's you, you may represent you, or maybe Piratpartiet if Piratpartiet allow you to; but no news about PPI delegation in ESF, nor about PPI agenda for ESF. So, please answer the question ...

... and also answer to the another question I did, and that you somehow forgot even to quote in your mail:

When Marten Fjallstrom stated in Uppsala Declaration about parliamentary "groups that could be of interest",
considering that there are only seven in the Europarliament, that
doesn't seem PPE the favourite one, and regarding how sympathetically
you talk about ESF and Greens ... may I have to guess that you, Piratpartiet, are willing to merge with NGL-GUE(Nordic Left/United Left, communist & socialist) or EG-EFA(Greens/nationalist)? Because in your last mail you openly talked about merge with one group
-a notion we definitely reject-, and now you dedicate these words to
ESF, I don't know what else to think about this -being only 7 parliamentary groups, there aren't quite much options, so my error
margin is not so wide-.

If you already have, in Piratpartiet, a group in mind to surrender to, it would be nice to reveal it to the rest of us. Maybe it would help all PPI members to accept it ... or reject it. Regards,

                                                                                Carlos Ayala
                                                                                ( Aiarakoa )

                                                          Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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