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aloa5 piratenpartei at t-online.de
Tue Jul 1 08:32:33 CEST 2008

Morning :)

Mårten Fjällström schrieb:
> Regarding the parliamentary group, unless we get enough seats we can not  
> form a group of our own. The conference concluded that the prospect of us  
> forming a group of our own after the election in 2009 is not very  
> realistic.
> (wikipedia: "To form a political group in the European Parliament there  
> needs to be 20 MEPs from six different states."  
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-Inscrits )

Our aim should be to form a own group. It doesn´t matter if in 2009 or 
later. It is not very likely that we get a seat in 2009. But if we get 
some we should act as PP. Not only for us - but for the press and mainly 
for the voters. They don´t want to read "the green fraction has 
voted...". To reach the aim of getting more seats *later* we have to 
gain something what I would call "political profile". It´s nearly 
impossible to get this in a coalition (and nothing other we talk about 
here). This should be obvious. This aside the fact that disagreements to 
points of another fraction in EP would be a permanent factor.

And - just to point this out:
If we say "yes" to all other points and just try to get influence in 
another fraction... WE are not much more then lobbyists. Perhaps we 
should try to find out what the difference between lobbyists and 
politicians is. The ChaosCoputerClub and all other civil right groups 
are lobbyists.

 From my point of view:
Lobbyists want *others* (party´s) to do what they want. A party *does*. 
;) (Please think over this point :) ).

It seems to me as if this difference is not very present for many 
pirates. I accept that it is difficult for us - because the pirates come 
often from lobby-groups/NGO´s and are activists. But (just again) we 
have to seperate in "forcing" and "doing ourselves". To be a party means 
forming *and* representing the thinking of the citizen *and* doing 
something/this on our own.... being an NGO means the same but not to on 
their own but to lobbying in party´s.

We can not act as an NGO but *be* an GO. This will not work. Not for us 
and not for the voters. Even if they would not see it as such they would 
feel it and vote the party wich (I think Carlos) called "the original". 
The group wich act´s.

Best regards and greetings from Germany

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