[pp.int.general] [project] Treasure Island - a practical approach to fundraising and pirate european unity

Mirco da Silva inkorrupt at gmx.de
Tue Jul 1 15:08:45 CEST 2008

Ahoy pirates,

beside the political discussion about the details of our goals in the
upcoming european elections I want to remember you to some fundamental
needs of any campaign, even when using tools of guerilla marketing:
money, money and again: money.

For the purpose to raise funds and achieve the goals you are discussing
about, me and a small group of very active german pirates want to offer
you the developement and maintenance of an european advertising and
fundraising hub thats technically based on well known open source
software. (Drupal, CiviCRM, Cyclos and Ripple). The concept is
originally based on an idea for a young human rights and direct action
NGO called Piracy International.

(draft of a concept)

"No taxation without participation"

Core of the concept ist to give our donors full control on the usage of
their donations.
This will be realized in the 2nd configuration level.

1st configuration level;  "The hitchhikers guide to piracy"

is a multilingual website running Drupal and some CiviCRM modules, where
users can find detailed information about every pirate party in native
and english languages designed and formatted as an travelling guide. A
manual how to participate in existing parties or establish one amend
this "The hitchhikers guide to piracy" as well as practical hints and
manuals how to use privacy protecting tools. A pool of pirate related
media files like campaigning stuff, audio, video and pictures for the
press are offered to download and/or streaming access.
Donations and membership applications can be made via standard payment
processors (e.g. Paypal), detailed possibilities are well described on
the CiviCRM website: http://civicrm.org/civicontribute
Actually the first configurtation level describes a traditional
fundraising hub, as other parties and NGOs are maintaining successfully
for years.

2nd configuration level; "The PECU-System"

is the heart of the concept and a unique selling preposition related to
other parties. PECU (Pirate European Currency Unit) is a working title
for a cashless bonus system realized by running the Open Source
complementary currency software Cyclos (cyclos.org) as a central backend
for all kinds of PECU-transfers between users and pirate parties and, of
course themselfs, too. The extraordinary features are described here:

On the frontend a pirate marketplace is figured out by Cyclos internal
functions or an ecommerce module available for Drupal. The goal is to
enable every pirate party to publish their needs (e.g. 1000 PP-Buttons)
in classified ads and let the donor  decide which party, candidate or
campaign deserves his donation by  buying these buttons for the offering
pirate party or substitute unit.
Another goal ist to inspire poor pirates to sell their stuff at Ebay and
make them growing, but to contribute it to the pirate move,ment by
accepting PECU in exchange and make us growing.

an instance:

Workflow user1:

1. contribute e.g. 100 Euro via Paypal.
2. get 100 PECU on your cyclos account
3. buy 1000 PP-buttons for 50 PECU for the national PP of yourcountry.
4. buy a "contribution certificate" of the EP for 25 PECU
5. buy an old disc of shanties from user2.

Workflow administration:

1. receives 100 Euro on the bank account.
2. transfers 100 PECU to the users cyclos account.
3. Pay out exchanged PECU in Euro to PPs only (!)

Workflow national PP:

1. offer the need of 1000 buttons via classified ads.
2. get 50 PECU on the cyclos account.
3. exchange 50 PECU to 50 EURO via Cyclos
4. buy 1000 buttons for the campaign
5. make a photo and say "thank you!" to the donor.

Workflow european PP:

1. offer the need of 25 PECU via classified ads.
2. get 25 PECU on the cyclos account.
3. exchange 25 PECU to 25 EURO via Cyclos
4. do what you will with 25 Euros.
5. make a photo and say "thank you!" to the donor.

Workflow user2:

1. offer an old disc of shanties via classified ads.
2. get 25 PECU on the cyclos account
4. buy a "contribution certificate" of the EP for 25 PECU or spend your
PECU as you desire
5. please dont try to become a PECU millionaire - PECU must flow to grow

3rd configuration level: "The Ripple Evolution"

In the near future it will be possible to reject the centralized banking
solution Cyclos and use the decentralized P2P-payment system Ripple instead.
But this solution is too revolutionary to be fully implemented yet. We
are still testing.

Thats it in the shortest possible form. Before I go on to explain
possible details and praise the advantages, please let me know your
opinions, ask questions and dont hesitate to critisize all aspects of
the project to make it better - or simply ignore it if you dont like it.

But remember, remember the 4th - 7th of (no, not November) June in 2009
- just 11 months left.
We are short on time and - money - also.

Mirco da Silva

ps:  sry 4 my poor english - comments in german language are welcome,
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