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De: Valentin Villenave <v.villenave at gmail.com>
Enviado: martes, 1 de julio, 2008 12:05:27
> I've posted the Uppsala declaration on our forum, and my fellow pirates are discussing it right now. Strictly
> *personally* speaking, I really like this text, which is clearly derived from the 2006 Swedish declaration of principles,
> but in a more actual and concrete way.

Besides the EP strategy stuff there aren't ugly contents though there are some missing points; what worries us in PIRATA the most is the complete lack of Information Society issues -FLOSS (remember that proprietary vs FLOSS software centered one of Berlin debates, and now disappears from Uppsala Declaration like it had never existed), net neutrality, Internet universalization, etc-.

The thing is that the EP strategy contained in Uppsala Declaration is The Nonsense.

> As I said, we lack time to get involved in the heated debates about the Parliamentary group (hey, let's try to get *one*
> seat already, that should be our primary goal shouldn't it?). Personally speaking (again), I think although principles are
> important, what count most is people, not symbols. I'm fully confident that no matter the wording, no matter the 
> details, everyone among us is aiming for the Greater Good, and will stand for our common values in any situation.

Valentin: Piratpartiet suggested in their 2006 Valmanifest to give unconditional support to a concrete party in non-core issues, even if that party didn't give back support to them in core issues. Do you find it reasonable? It's the betrayal of our ideological neutrality; it's the betrayal of any principles; it's the guarantee of self-destruction; and thanks to Marten, it's mainly due to groups get money and independent parties don't. And now, they want to trick us to accept it for PPI.

We in PIRATA encourage all pirate parties to disallow Uppsala Declaration, at least as long as the EP strategy is not removed -we disagree in start building the house from the roof, exactly what this declaration means ... but surrendering to a traditional group is simply unacceptable-.

> The French Parti Pirate (if I can speak in its name) has always found itself in complete harmony with the other pirate
> parties we've met or heard about. Getting a (small) ability to act at an European political level is a *huge* step
> forward, and we're really looking forward to helping you guys achieve that.

Harmony is desirable, though to get it we don't have to give up what we are. Debate is always required; rejection is sometimes needed, when some nonsensical proposals -like giving our support to a traditional party in non-core issues in exchange of nothing- are put on the table. Regards,

                                                                                  Carlos Ayala
                                                                                  ( Aiarakoa )
                                                             Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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