[pp.int.general] Political Party X (was: Uppsala Declaration)

Laura Creighton lac at openend.se
Tue Jul 1 20:02:46 CEST 2008

One thing it is possible to do when producing a shared document is to
use colour to show where there are differences of opinion/controversy/
(lots of people making comments, at any rate.)

For example, here is the colour-commented version of GPL 3.


Not only can you see where there are lots of comments, you can
read them adjacent to the text they refer to.

It helps to show where one really has consensus vs where we only
think we do.  And it also helps that the people who disagree with
parts of a document don't feel that their opinions are being
completely ignored -- there they are for posterity, even if their
ideas didn't make it into the final version.

I am the head organiser of a conference (Europython) that happens 
next week.  I am therefore insanely busy -- too busy to come to
Uppsala, even though I live in Göteborg, Sweden.  After the conference
is over I intend to get into a kayak and spend 9 days in the ocean
in the fjords of Norway without a computer.  So it will be mid July,
earliest, before I could help with setting something like this up
for the declaration.  But the code is free, and I am sure that others
could do the job much better than I could in any case.

If you need any help from the free software foundation, Mail
Matt Lee (campaigns at fsf.org) or RMS himself rms at gnu .org.
RMS is very interested in what we are doing, by the way.

thanks for listening,
Laura Creighton

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