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Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Tue Jul 1 20:16:23 CEST 2008

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De: Eduardo Robles Elvira <edulix at gmail.com>
Enviado: martes, 1 de julio, 2008 13:58:38
> I suggest that we put it aside and we instead start working on the pirate thing, the common ground. Let's create the
> manifiesto. Let's put some dates, and everyone from each party assign a person that should work on this, and that list
> of persons should be listed in the wiki for easy access. Let's have a IRC meeting for it every week until is done, etc

The wiki page already exists; the people list from almost all pirate parties -a Piraatti Puolue representative, and also a Parti Pirate representative- already exists;
the only thing that doesn't exist yet is the working dynamics. I agree
with Edulix that we have to ignite it, and start working in finding out what do we have in common ... but we all finding it out, without leaving anyone apart; and we means the pirate parties, it has to be a teamwork. Regards,

                                                                                      Carlos Ayala
                                                                                      ( Aiarakoa )

                                                                Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

P.S.: No credit is given to Uppsala Declaration until PPI members -the
pirate parties- sign it; and PIRATA won't sign it at least until the EP strategy stuff is removed -removing it doesn't grant our sign; however, keeping it grants us not signing-.

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