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Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Thu Jul 3 01:04:10 CEST 2008

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De: Ole Husgaard <pirat at sparre.dk>
Enviado: jueves, 3 de julio, 2008 0:02:13
> Could you please state explicitly the problems you see with this section?

Explicitly? Even my fellow party member, Edulix, complaint about me being too explicit about it :)

- if we join a traditional party, we'd lose our ideological neutrality
- the first paragraph talks about dealing not with all current seven parliamentary groups, but with groups that could be of interest; which groups are those -Marten & Amelia haven't answered yet-? greens? united left/nordic green left? each one of us is supposed to have an own ideology for non-core issues; however, it's not acceptable to force PPI to follow personal/one-concrete-pirate-party ideologies
- if we support a traditional party in non-core issues in exchange of that party not granting us support in our core issues, we'd lose our ideological neutrality for nothing
- if we lose our ideological neutrality for nothing and, as ALOA5 pointed, become a party without personality, we'd follow the way to our self-destruction -as it's happening with United Left in Spain (from 22 MPs in 1996 to 2 MPs ... and 1 of them is not really theirs but from Catalonian Initiative-Greens) because of behaving as PSOE's vassals-

> I do not think we are that far from each other in opinion.

Ole: that section of Uppsala Declaration is against article 25.a.2 of PIRATA's Statute -""PIRATA" will not be part in any coalition government, nor will give
inconditional support to any of the parties represented on the chambers
of the different parliaments where "PIRATA" obtains paliamentary
representation"-, so PIRATA's actually as far as can be from that strategy.

> The main reason for this section was IMHO to ensure that we could answer critical questions about what we would do if
> elected

But it's not true that such things would be the things that we would do if elected. Who has decided it? Which pirate parties have already signed it? What has to be done is allPPI national pirate parties representatives attend tomorrow at 8.00 pm CEST at #ppi channel of irc.piratpartiet.se, after having filled this page with a briefing of each pirate party's ideology, and starting to really find out what do we have in common, in order to get a real common Manifesto and a real common strategy.

And it has to be done not because of me asking for it, but because it was agreed by almost all of us five months ago. Are you gonna attend, Ole? :) Regards

                                                                                    Carlos Ayala
                                                                                    ( Aiarakoa )

                                                               Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

P.S.: I repeat: No credit is given to Uppsala Declaration until PPI members -the
pirate parties- sign it; and PIRATA won't
sign it at least until the EP
strategy stuff is removed -removing it doesn't grant our sign; however,
keeping it grants us not signing-.

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