[pp.int.general] Pirate Manifesto Reloaded

aloa5 piratenpartei at t-online.de
Thu Jul 3 16:01:17 CEST 2008

Ole Husgaard schrieb:
> Nobody ever talked about joining other parties. We talk about joining a
> parlamentary group, if we do not get enough seats to form our own group.
> Groups in the EU-Parliament are not political parties.

We talk about a type of coalition (only without fighting about every point).

Did you ever notice this? :

"" A Group is assumed to have a set of core principles ("affinities" or 
"complexion") to which the full members are expected to 
adhere....October 4, 2001.[84] Since then the requirement that Groups 
have a coherent political complexion has been enforced (as ITS later 
found out), and "mixed" Groups are not expected to appear again."

So we talk about "core principles" wich we have to accept (or to 
fulfill) for joining a group. I don´t know if we *could* join any 
group... even if we would want to.

If you would be in a coalition with the swedish greens. They would like 
to adopt our issues (do they?) and you vote as they want on all other 
issues. What do you think - would you get more votes at the next election?

Sounds somehow more like this for me:
"After being elected they stated that they would support [party XY] no 
matter what. Now they have lost most of their voter support, and most of 
the elected parliamentarians are no longer party members."

There is a great lack of political profile having NO ideas (or a 
plattform for ideas) on other issues (no matter if written in a manifest 
or via LD).


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