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De: Anton Tamminen <anton.tamminen at piraattipuolue.fi>
Enviado: jueves, 3 de julio, 2008 15:13:11
Eduardo Robles Elvira wrote:
> > > Please note that if we are outside any group, we do not get seats in the parliamentarian commitees. And it is in
> > > these commitees most of the important decisions are taken. Also, by being in a group we get funding for staff.
> > Well it's the price of freedom.
> If we intentionally leave ourselves outside the groups and thus parliamentary committees, we do not pay a price for
> freedom. We pay a price for stubbornness, which may cost us our freedom.

It will never cost our freedom, why would it? You only state it without giving arguments, thus it's a useless statement.

About stubborness, once a male lemming saw hundreds of lemmings heading to a gully; it refused to join them and another lemming which headed too to the gully yielded "you stubborn! you're condemned to loneliness!". And truly he was alone, very far from its former fellow lemmings which, together, died; finally, the male lemming met a female lemming, they had tons of little lemmings and increased their collected votes in the next European Election :) Political personality is used to be rewarded by eligible voters.

> > You might have a choice, but PIRATA doesn't have one. Our statutes say we will abstain in non-core issues and thus
> > it doesn't make sense joining any group other than then the independent group.
> I don't see why you adopt statues that say you can't co-operate. It doesn't seem like a very helpful  strategy in politics.

But our Statute allows us to negotiate -issue by issue, not an unconditional support in all non-core issues- with other parties, why do you say that? Come on, Anton, I quoted it, don't tell me you didn't read it? I'll quote it again: ""PIRATA" will not be part in any coalition government, nor will give
inconditional support to any of the parties represented on the chambers
of the different parliaments where "PIRATA" obtains paliamentary
representation"; thus, it prevents us for:

- making coalition governments
- giving unconditional support to any parties

however, it allows us to negotiate issue by issue, as long as we have the consent of citizens through Social Grid and consultation to citizens, following certain rules. You may like it, you may dislike it, but you won't never be able to state -if you want that statement to be true- that we can't cooperate. Regards, 

                                                                                    Carlos Ayala
                                                                                    ( Aiarakoa )

                                                           Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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