[pp.int.general] Pirate Manifesto Reloaded

Anton Tamminen anton.tamminen at piraattipuolue.fi
Thu Jul 3 21:06:00 CEST 2008

Carlos Ayala wrote:
> It will never cost our freedom, why would it? You only state it 
> without giving arguments, thus it's a useless statement.
> About stubborness, once a male lemming saw hundreds of lemmings 
> heading to a gully; it refused to join them and another lemming which 
> headed too to the gully yielded "you stubborn! you're condemned to 
> loneliness!". And truly he was alone, very far from its former fellow 
> lemmings which, together, died; finally, the male lemming met a female 
> lemming, they had tons of little lemmings and increased their 
> collected votes in the next European Election...
...in 2014, for which the Pirate Party could no longer register, as 
successful lobbyism from IP interest groups had among other things 
resulted in a ban of political activity by "organisations that can be 
considered immediate threats to the international enforcement of the 
ACTA or whose agenda is in unlawful conflict with the treaties 
administered by the WIPO". The lemmings then spent the rest of their 
lives watching pre-2010 american sitcoms because there was no reason for 
the Content Producer's Alliance to produce anything novel.

What I meant was that it is by no means guaranteed that we can afford to 
wait 'til the year 2024 to get adequate representation in the EP. The 
world might be beyond rescue then. At least by democratic, legal means, 
that is.

> ... it allows us to negotiate issue by issue, as long as we have the 
> consent of citizens through Social Grid and consultation to citizens, 
> following certain rules. You may like it, you may dislike it, but you 
> won't never be able to state -if you want that statement to be true- 
> that we can't cooperate. Regards,
Thankyou for clearing this up - I simply relied on the statement "Our 
statutes say we will abstain in non-core issues" which is in obvious 
conflict with your statutes that add "by default".

 > Option 2 is a fake version of Uppsala Declaration...

It is not a verbatim copy, no.

 > There is a third option -there may be even more-: PIRATA's

Which might be realized, given that we..:
1. Somehow manage to find a means to compensate for the loss of 
influence in being excluded from parliamentary committees
2. Somehow manage to receive considerable monetary support as we receive 
no funding for staff as we are not group members
3. Witness a miracle in gaining enough support to form our own group in 
2009 or hope shit has not happened before 2014, or 2019, or 2024...
4. Manage to get groups and independents to think we are a relevant ally

I have no problem accepting PIRATA's option, given there is a realistic 
strategy behind it. It is within the boundaries of possible, but to 
think it is realistic requires, at least currently for my part, much faith.

Anton Tamminen
International Secretary, Member of the Board
Piraattipuolue - The Pirate Party, Finland

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