[pp.int.general] ESF - more updates and a task

Amelia Andersdotter teirdes at gmail.com
Fri Jul 4 16:33:24 CEST 2008


I spoke to the Greens/EFA person handling the Greens today. He agrees
with joining up with us and the Hungarians.

The management of the merged activity has been resolved, and we've
agreed to share all costs with the major seminar costs falling on us
and the Greens. The current plans for our seminar is:

*Filesharing (Greens+PP) (debate)
*Integrity (Greens+PP) (debate)
*IPR+patents (PPI) (seminar)
*Cyberdemocracy (HSF) (??)

in that order. Debates will be moderated by a Greens-person, and the
gender issues+age spread has been largely resolved by the Greens and
HSF participants.

In preparation for the European Social Forum, I have a favour to ask
from all international Pirate Parties:

The ESF will be visited by a huge number of people, and a lot of them
will come from other European nations and have other native languages
than Swedish or English. Due to the social activist nature of the
forum, it is not entirely unlikely that a lot of visitors from other
nations will not be as über at English as you tend to get hanging
around on the internet.

----It would be good if PPI could produce information sheets in the
languages of each respective party. It doesn't need to be a frightful
lot of text, or even that in-depth (althogh if it is, that's also

Both PPSE and Ung Pirat have put aside money for printed material. Ung
Pirat in particular has a special budget post for ESF prints.
Therefore it is entirely likely that we will be able to share printing
costs provided they're not too fancy (budget exists but is still

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to ask,


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