[pp.int.general] european 3-strikes measure

Ole Husgaard pirat at sparre.dk
Mon Jul 7 21:49:48 CEST 2008

Andrew Norton skrev:
> surprised there's been little talk of this here.
Yes, only Amelia mentioned it, and she cited FFII, who did not mention
the 3-strikes angle.

I only discovered this late sunday, and barely had time to mail the DK
members of the ITRE and IMCO commitees that might listen to us. One
thanked me today for the information and promised to vote against these
amendments, and another did not have time to be present during the vote (!).

> In case you've missed it, here's some news links
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/07/06/europe_drafts_law_to_disconnect_filesharers/
> http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/technology/7492907.stm
The vote they talk about is the vote in the ITRE and IMCO commitees.
This was done 3 hours ago, and I do not yet know the result.

There will be another vote in plenum, but it is the vote in the
commitees that usually really count. If these amendments are passed in
the commitees, they will probably pass in plenum too.

> that should set the gist
Besides the usual arguments, I came up with another argument that one
parliamentarian found helpful: To make these amendments look innocent on
the surface, they open up for a lot of interpretation. This is causing a
risk for large differences in the national implementation of the
directives: In some countries politicians may only listen to the
copyright lobby, while politicians in other countries might try to save
the basic rights of the population. Such differences could be very
damaging to the inner market.

> we need to get a statement and a position on this
Sounds like a good idea.

> If national parties want to send me statements from a spokesperson, I
> can also set up a press release. can send them either to this email
> address (andrew.norton at pirate-party.us) to the same address via jabber,
> Skype (ktetch) or via the list, I don't care.
I am not ready to make a statement until I know the results of the votes
in ITRE and IMCO. This will probably be some time tomorrow.

Best Regards,

Ole Husgaard.

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