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> I just quote one important point of interest (and imho difference) here:
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> > > > If we want to be "neutral" we have to get own ideas on different issues.
> > > As soon as we get a political opinion on a new issue, we are no longer neutral on that issue.
> > As soon as we vote on a non-core issues, we are no longer neutral on that issue.
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> Imho just three different points of viewing.

Actually, one remains neutral as long as takes no stance. Once any stance has be taken, neutrality has gone. That's because PIRATA talks about abstention a priori on non-core issues, and only abandoning that abstention if required by citizens -both via ILCs, or via consultation to citizens requested by other parties-.

That is, our support to neutrality is not because of not caring about non-core issues, but because of aiming to treat issues that we think can lay within a social consenssus -defense of UDHR (human rights), free non-commercial culture sharing, enhancing of Information Society, patents reform-; if we aren't sure about such consenssus in the rest of issues, we prefer citizens to confirm which path do they want us to follow. Otherwise, in any issue that citizens doesn't indicate us the path to follow, we prefer to remain neutral.

> Lets talk about this. And talk about if we think that vB (caring about other issues but have our issues as a political
> preference) is the group we need

Definitely in PIRATA we choose vB, as we do care about non-core issues -simply we don't have stances on those issues because of not being able to reach consenssus on them-.vB voters are our goal :) Regards

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