[pp.int.general] Is everyone asleep on this list, or is it just me?

Andrew Norton andrew.norton at pirate-party.us
Wed Jul 16 18:58:31 CEST 2008

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I posted about a potential extention to copyright terms in the EU two
days ago. It's now gone through. Despite the fact that
a) copyright terms are a major constituant to all our platforms, in the
opposite direction from this proposal, and
b) we're supposed to be launching an election campaign for the EU and
c) 90% of this list are citizens of the EU

I've had a total of ONE response on this, from Carlos.

We had the chance to have prepped a press release for either eventuality
and now we've lost the moment and are playing catch up. we have no
communication, we have no cohesive ability.

Unless people start working TOGETHER and not keep trying to prove
they're the cleverest boy on the block, we might as well all give up,
and go home. I remind you all of one thing - if we, who share a fairly
common ideology, can't work together and get things done, we haven't a
hope in hell or getting anything done as politicians, of being even
slightly electable, of being marginally effective.

Cooperation, flexibility, and avoiding a rigid adherence to whatever
personal beliefs you have, will be what makes the Pirate Parties work.
The way we're going, we wouldn't even be able to win 'most unelectable
party' through being too fragmented to compete effectively.

Back on topic
here's the documents

Read them over, get SOMEONE back in touch with me today from your party.
If the Pirate Parties can't even be bothered to deal with an EU-wide
directive on copyrights - our most high profile issue - just before we
launch a campaign for euroParl, it has to be said "what is going on?"


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