[pp.int.general] Pirate Manifesto's 3rd session summary

Carlos Ayala aiarakoa at yahoo.es
Thu Jul 17 09:26:33 CEST 2008

Date: 16th of July
Time: 22:00 CEST (20:00 UTC)


The following agreements were reached during the last session:

- Voting system; using Ole's proposals as a basis:
* each pirate party considered as an eligible voter will have one vote
* to become an eligible voter, any pirate party must become involved in the Pirate Manifesto's Stage One; to become involved, at least that party should fill a briefing with its ideological categories and a summary of its stances in this page -if you're a pirate party and you don't appear yet in that page, please add yourself following the page structure-; only eligible voters will be allowed to vote the amendments proposed at Stage Two
* will be up to each pirate party how to decide its vote for each amendment -to define an internal procedure to allow their members to discuss and decide about each amendment
* supermajorities & quorums:
** quorum: for each amendment to become approved, at least 80 % of eligible voters must cast their votes; example, if there were 12 eligible voters, at least 10 should cast their votes
** supermajorities: for each amendment to become approved, at most two pirate parties should reject that amendment; having three or more pirate parties rejecting an amendment makes it become rejected
** the combination of both requirements means that, if there were -e.g.- 12 eligible voters, at least 8 should support an amendment and at most 2 should reject it to make it become approved

- Public Relations Group: we have had historically some troubles to become efficient at releasing joint press statements; thus, we debated last night about this issue and reached the following conclussions:
* a proper method should be a time window to release press statements after an event is handled
** if it's about a scheduled event (like an EP voting, a PPI Internacional Conference, etc), the time window would last a week
** if it's about hot news, the time window would last 24 hours -to be within the first ones commenting those news, to gain some media focus-
* we need a specific mailing list for the PR Group, with more than one representative per country -being only one, specially for the 24-hour window, brings the risk of too many pirate parties not participating in the press statement development because of not being available (due to their job, or personal issue, or whatever other reasons)-
* it's also required for PR Group members to display a high degree of commitment with PR activities, to efficiently and quickly create press statements while at the same time transmitting the process to their pirate parties, and transmitting their pirate parties' thoughts to the PR Group

So we quickly need a mailing list to be created, and more than one representative per pirate party -not to just be in the mailing list, but to actively participate in its activities-.


Yesterday's meeting was shifted from its usual date & time, next meeting would be held at same day of the week & time as with the two first meetings

Thursday, 24th of July, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)

Yesterday were less representatives from pirate parties that in last meeting; it's required to have the highest possible attendance to secure the success of Pirate Manifesto. Also, remember that Stage One's deadline is 31st of August, so we must start developing the first draft next week. I ask for all pirate parties representatives to attend next week in #ppi at irc.piratpartiet.se

And finally, as only involved pirate parties would become eligible voters for Stage Two amendments:

- representatives from Piraten Partei Oesterreich, Parti Pirate and Russian Pirate Party, please fill your briefings -and also send a representative to the Pirate Manifesto's sessions-
- if there are any representatives from South American pirate parties -don't know which ones are actually active-, please feel free to join this procedure by adding yourselves here and here

Regards, and see you next week

                                                                                             Carlos Ayala
                                                                                             ( Aiarakoa )

                                                                        Partido Pirata National Board's Chairman

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