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Helmut Pozimski helmutpozimski at web.de
Sun Mar 23 21:57:28 CET 2008

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Carlos Ayala schrieb:
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> De: Helmut Pozimski <helmutpozimski at web.de>
> Enviado: domingo, 23 de marzo, 2008 14:27:19
> > The other thing I was thinking about was the manifesto. I read
> some things about it on this list but I don't know how the
> > current state of this project is. Could please anyone give me a
> link to a current draft?
> The state is: no state.
> Because, until now, only representatives from 5 countries -Wybo from
> Netherlands, Amelia from Sweden, Andrew from the USA, a
> representative from Austria and myself- have been appointed; as we
> are far more countries than that -i.e., France, Denmark, Russia,
> Poland, Germany (anyone knows about Jan Huwald? maybe Deutsches
> PIratenpartei should replace him as German's PPI Manifesto
> representative if he has no time nowadays, if he's gonna be too busy
> for a while), etc-, representatives from those countries are
> required to first set the rules for the manifesto development -some
> are already set, others not-.
I'm going to talk to Jan. I hope that we will find a new
representative soon or manage to reactivate him.
> ¿Shouldn't it be necessary to include in the international wiki a
> list of each national pirate party's international proxy/proxies? I
> mean, to be able to fluently communicate. Even, to create a mailing
> list for those proxies; the lack of communication is pretty
> worrying, three months to Uppsala ...
Great idea. Just go ahead and create a new wiki-page. I'm sure others
will fill it with content.
> Manifesto is not the only pending issue; it was said to us in Berlin
> that a questionnaire would be passed to each national pirate party's
> IT department, to create the PPI IT Group. What happened to that?
As far as I know: nothing. I will write to our IT-mailinglist and ask
them to start something.


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